What is a DO?

What is a Doctor of Osteopathy?

A DO, or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, is a physician who, like an MD (Doctor of Medicine), is licensed to practice medicine, prescribe medications, and perform surgery. DOs and MDs must graduate from an accredited medical school, complete three to five years of residency, and take board certification examinations in their specialty.

How are DOs Different?

While MDs attend allopathic medical schools, DOs attend osteopathic medical schools. In osteopathic medical schools, the philosophy is holistic, focusing on the whole person rather than just their symptoms. Osteopathic medicine emphasizes disease prevention through diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle. DOs receive extra training in osteopathic manipulative medicine (OMM), a physical skill used to diagnose and treat problems with the muscles, bones, and nerves. DOs focus on disease prevention and healthy living through nutrition and exercise. For more information on Doctors of Osteopathy please visit the American Osteopathic Association.